Women in business closing the gap

Recent research has shown that women in business are closing the UK’s north – south divide.

A new study, the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), has shown that women entrepreneurs entering the market place in the North East, the East Midlands, the North West, Scotland and Northern Island, are helping to combat the economic disparity between north and south as GEM recorded large increases in the number of female led start-ups in these areas.

GEM also found that female students had higher levels of entrepreneurial activity than their male counterparts.

The figures reveal that the UK’s entrepreneurial spirit is stronger than many other European nations. UK entrepreneurial activity was higher than Germany, France and Italy.

GEM also showed that the global picture was also positive, with the domestic entrepreneurial rate higher than Japan, the US and Canada.

Patricia Hewitt, secretary of state for trade and industry and minister for women, welcomed the report.

“Today’s report shows that the UK is one of the most entrepreneurial countries in the world and is a better place to start and grow a business than ever before. This is down to the hard work of Britain’s successful entrepreneurs,” she said.

Adding: “The number of small and medium sized businesses in the UK has grown by 300,000 in the past seven years and employment in small businesses has grown by 600,000. And we will do more to help entrepreneurs succeed.

“Already our Business Link service is helping over 600,000 businesses a year to start up and grow. But we want to do more to help reduce the regulatory burdens on business, and make it easier for small business to access the appropriate support they need.”