Who Is Rania Dalloul?

Rania Dalloul Dalfa Group

Rania Dalloul is Palestinian-Lebanese, a legal advisor, and an active feminist supporter born on January 18, 1973, in Lebanon. She is the daughter of Fakhri Dalloul and Maha Kaddoura. Her father is the founder of Dalfa Group also known as the Dalloul Family Group established in 1983 while her mother is a highly-respected businesswoman and the owner of the Kaddoura Association for Philanthropy, a member of several institutes, and a retirement home founder.

In 1975, Rania’s family fled from the Middle East War to Europe. She spent her childhood and youth days there.   

Rania was bound to be a part of the family business, so she attended Panthéon-Assas University in Paris, where in 1992 she received her first bachelor degree in Economics baccalaureate with honours and a DEUG degree in Law a year later.  After that, Rania continued her education at the Sorbonne University from which she graduated and received a degree in International Law in 1995.

A year later, she started her career at the Dupré Law Office as an intern to the lawyer of President, Jacques Chirac. Now, she has been working as a legal advisor at her father company, Dalfa Group to date. Although, the company currently run by her brothers Marwan Dalloul and Ziad Dalloul, but she is also one of the board members of Dalfa Group. The Company has a substantial presence in the global real estate market, with its branches in the Europe, US, Lebanon, Nigeria, and UAE. Now, the company is also a member of the Times Square Alliance, the Mayor’s Midtown Citizens Committee, and the 42nd Street Business Improvement District. Dalfa Group leases, operates, manages and develops high-end properties worldwide. Since six years ago, the company has entered another sector by doing franchising business with some restaurant chains such as Hardee’s, Cold Stone, Gastronomy, Auntie Anne’s, Moti Roti, Sahtein, and Domino’s Pizza. On top of that, the company has a fleet of yachts for chartered cruises.

Rania’s contribution to the Dalfa Group’s success is immeasurable and well appreciated by her brothers. Her in-depth knowledge of law and bargaining skills enable the company to close most significant deals such as the Bush Tower sale projects, renovation, and the Bush Building construction.

Rania Dalloul Harmony and Meditation

Rania is like her mother. She also devoted to helping the needy. For many years, Raina has been donating huge sums and contributing in other ways to various institutions in India, the Middle East, and Cambodia. She has seven children of her own and also adopted eighteen orphans from India.

Rania is an unfaltering pugilist for the human rights, women in particular. She was one of the millions of people in London who came out on the Women’s March to protest against President Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Rania is a devoted athlete. She takes sport and fitness seriously. Rania likes swimming, running, biking, boot camps, circuit training, TRX are among her much-loved sports which Rania practices on every single day.

Rania also practices Ashtanga and Iyengar Yoga followed by meditations which allow her to balance her inner being and better channel her energy.

Cooking is another hobby of Raina. Mediterranean cuisine is where she has excelled most. Her published cook is very well-detailed which shows her gastronomic creations.